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The Temperature Effect of High Pressure Equipment
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High-pressure equipment is widely used in dentistry, medicine, veterinary and other fields, even for human puncture, tattoos and so on.
What is a high-pressure sterilizer?

High-pressure equipment is widely used in dentistry, medicine, veterinary and other fields, even for human puncture, tattoos and so on. Sterilization medium determines the function and size of high-pressure equipment. Laboratory glassware, medical waste, surgical instruments and other equipment and waste are typical loads. High-pressure equipment is especially useful when materials requiring sterilization cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Application of Pressure Cooker in Medical Field

Equipment and other articles used in medical field are sterilized in medical high-pressure sterilizer, but bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses of high-pressure equipment can not be killed at 121 C or even 134 C.

The medical facilities and articles in the laboratory are basically disinfected. Surgical instruments, such as tweezers, needle holders, scalpel holders, etc., are sterilized by high-pressure equipment because they are disposable items. However, it is impossible to sterilize certain heat-resistant materials (such as some plastics) because of the fact that humidity and heat can melt them.

Usually, medical waste is sterilized under high pressure before it is discarded. As incinerators emit combustion by-products, their use will cause health and environmental problems, so high-pressure sterilization has become a suitable alternative.

In the field of dentistry, dental equipment is sterilized under high pressure. After sterilization under vacuum and high pressure, it can be stored in sealed bags for 12 months.

Quality assurance of autoclave

In order to ensure that the correct time length in the equipment reaches the correct high pressure temperature, some biological, chemical and physical indicators are used.

Biological indicators: These indicators contain heat-resistant bacterial spores. If the correct temperature is not reached in the autoclave, the color of the pH-sensitive chemical changes with spore germination.

Chemical indicators: Once the correct autoclave temperature can be disinfected, autoclave tape and special medical packaging are chemical indicators, which means that high-pressure tape or medical bag items have been correctly disinfected.

Physical indicators: Special permission is part of some physical indicators, which can only be melted after the relevant storage time reaches the correct temperature. If the alloy melts, the change will appear.

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