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Drawing-out Cotton Tissue in Box
    Publish time 2019-04-11 13:11    
Beauty Cotton Tissue Series                        
Product Description                        
Beauty cotton tissue is made by natural cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric which is tested by European pollution-free with children with thickness uniformity,softness to skin,high fluoresce and any other chemical substances.It is new environment-friendly substitute for paper tissue,cosmetic cotton pad,tradtional other washing towel,etc.The packaging choices include paper/plastic box,paper/plastic bag.                        
Brief Advantages of Beauty Cotton Tissue                        
●Adopt pure cotton spunlace nonwoven manufacturing technology.                        
●Breathable,Hypo-Allergenic,no antiseptic,no bactericide,no fluorescer.                        
●Softness,skin-friendly,lint free.                        
●More convenient with dry & wet dual use.                        
●Replaceable tradtional facial washing towel with more cleaness.                        
●Varied product specifications,type and use purposes.                        
●No polltion,natural degradation.