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Super soft double effect cosmetic cotton
    Publish time 2019-04-11 13:11    
Cosmetic Cotton Pad Series                        
Product Description:                        
Cosmetic cotton pad is pure absorbent cotton or pure cotton nonwoven fabric with high temperature degreasing processingg.It is featured with clean,odourless,no yellowing phenomenon,no harmful residues,high absorbency and good lotion release,soft and comfortable for the skin.It is perfect for daubing cosmetic liquid,lotion and makeup remover,facial mask and eye mask,nail polish remover,skin care and etc.                        
Brief Advantages of Cosmetic Cotton Pad                         
●Medical grade absorbent cotton,high absorbency.                        
●Medical grade cleaning workshop and quality control system.                        
●Adopt exquisite spunlace manufacturing technology,lint free.                        
●Breathable,Hypo-Allergenic,no antiseptic,no bactercide,no flurescer.                        
●Convenient to hold for 5x6cm cotton pad with sealing points & edge.                        
●Sealing points & edge design can prevent cotton out from the pad with good absorbing lotion.                        
●Multi-layer,multiple times use is avaliable.                        
●Varied product specfications,packaging and application.