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Wood Applicator in Pouch
    Publish time 2019-04-11 13:11    
Medical Cotton Tipped Applicator Series                        
Product Description:
Medical Cotton Tipped Applicator is a perfect bamboo/wood/plastic/paper shaft which terminates at one or both ends with a tightly cluster of sof t medical absorbent cotton. The cotton tip is with high absorbency, smooth surface and firm & good shape. It is featured with: whiteness﹥80, no yellowing phenomenon, no harmful residues, good consistency on shape.It is mainly used for absorbing the disinfectant fluid and then wipe the skin evenly for disinfection during infection and surgical dressing.                     
Breif Advantages and Choices:                        
● 100% medical absorbent cotton, high absorbency                        
● Available in bamboo, wood, plastic and paper shaft                        
● Available in different size of cotton tip                        
● Available in single cotton tip or dual cotton tips                        
● Available in sterile or non-sterile                        
● Available in bulk, or sterile paper/film pack                        
● Available in Sponge Tipped Applicator with plastic stick