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Medical Crepe Paper
    Publish time 2019-04-11 13:11    
Medical Sterilization Wrapping Material--Medical Crepe Paper                                
medical crepe wrapping paper is 100 % medical-quality cellulose fibers and combines most economical wrapping with good drapability.each sheet is biodegradable and no odors ,toxic waste or other residues in an incinerator.
It is particular packaging for lighter instrument and sets and can be used as either inner or outer wrapping.                                
It is suitable for steam sterilization,thylene oxide sterilization,Gamma ray sterilization,irradiation sterilization or formaldehyde sterilization in low temperature and is reliable solution for preventing cross contamination with bacteria.                                
Three colors offered,light blue,ight green and white,and different sizes are avaiable upon reuqest.                                
Brief advantage of medical crepe wrapping paper                                
●40gsm,50gsm,60gsmm are available upon request.                                
●no smell,no poewder and non-toxic.                                
●Excellent water resistance and bursting strength.                                
●High bacterial filtration efficiency                                
●Proven microbial barrier                                
●CSSD use                                
Specification Sheet--Medical Crepe paper   

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