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Sterilization Gusseted Reel
    Publish time 2019-03-01 13:11    
Sterilization Reels are construted from medical grade paper and transparent PET/CPP compoud film.Water-based,non-toxic process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization complying with ISO11140-1 are applied on the paper surface and are helpful to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages.
Formaldehyde(FORM) indicator avaiable upon request as well.             
 Inaccrodance with ISO11607,EN8686 and ISO11140-1 standards.              
Sterilization Color Change:                
Initial Blue turns Black after steam sterilization:                
Steam indicators before sterilization:Blue                
Steam indicators after sterilization:Black                
Initial Pink turns Yellow after EO sterilization:                
EO indicators before sterilization:Pink                
EOindicators after sterilization:Yellow                
Brief Advantages of MedColor Heat Sealing Sterilization Flat Reel and Gusseted Reel:                
●Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper.                
●Blue/Green/Purple/White tinited transparent film.                
●Complete film/paper separtion,fiber-free opening.                
●Clean and accurate indicator change.                
●Triple band seal for higher package integrity.                
●Reinfoced film to avoid tear during opening.                
●Peel-easy film permits film separate from paper with no shatters.                
●Formaldehyde indicator availabe upon request.                

Sepcification Sheet                    
Heat Sealing Sterilization Gusseted Reel                    
Size: width x length( 100 meters one roll normally, and 50 meters one roll or other can be as request as well)  

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