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Bowie Dick Test Pack & Paper
    Publish time 2019-04-11 13:11    
Bowie Dick Test Pack/Paper                            
Bowie dick test pack/paper are pre-assembled,single use test packs designed to detection of defects in the sterilization process.                            
An indicator sheet printed with water based,non-toxic chemical indicator.The color change from blue to black of indicator after steam sterilization indicates that all air was removed and replace by system.                            
In accordance with ISO11140-1,EN867 and ISO11140-4.                         
Sterilization Color Change                            
Initial Yellow turns Black after steam sterilization

BD test pack                                                
Application:Used for testing the air removal effect of pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.                                                
Usage:Used for testing whether the air in the sterilizer is effectively removed during the pre-vacuum exhaust stage.Under using conditions:132 ℃ ~ 132 ℃, 3.5 to 4.0 minutes.Test package can be used directly, do not need staff to play standard package.                                                
Results: after a cycle process, under the 132 ℃ ~ 134 ℃, maintain 3.5 min, The color of the test chart which changed from light yellow strip pattern to black uniformly.                                                
Storage:Store at room temperature (15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃) and dry (< 50% relative humidity) to avoid direct contact with sunlight.                                                
BD test paper                                                
【Structure and properties】 The size of BD test paper is the same as the cross-section area of the standard test package, and the front of the paper is printed with a yellow strip pattern.                                      
【 Application】It is specially used for testing whether the cold air in the pre-vacuum or pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer or in the article bag is completely discharged and whether there is cold air in the article bag;The steam penetration test chart of air mass exists, the color of sterilization is not easy to fade.                                                
1. In general, when pipe air supply is applied, the vapor pressure of saturated steam should reach 0.4mpa to 0.6mpa, and the color change in BD test diagram is uneven when less than 0.3mpa.                  
2. For the pre-vacuum or pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer using pipeline air supply, when the air supply is stopped for more than 2 days and used again, the cold air inside the air supply pipeline should be exhaust treatment, otherwise the saturated steam may contain a large amount of water gas, so that the cold air is not suitable for discharge.At the same time, it will cause the humidity of the item package (commonly known as the wet package), so that the BD test diagram is soaked and the test results cannot be displayed.                                                
3. The package of articles or equipment should be packed as required, not too big or too tight.                                                
4. Cloth towels for packing articles or instruments shall be cleaned regularly.The non-softness of the cloth will affects the exhaust of air during the pre-vacuum process and the subsequent penetration of saturated steam.It makes the color of test drawing not uniform or have local area not discoloration.                                                
【Storage】Store at room temperature (20 ℃-30 "C) and dry (< 50% relative humidity) to avoid direct contact with sunlight                                                
【Guarantee period】18 months from the date of production.